This was written to an educator in an institutional setting, and posted on the Web about 1995. It appears here as a historical document. -EC

How to Connect Your Mac to an Ethernet TCP/IP Connection

Here's a quick set of instructions for doing this task.

(I'm assuming that you have a "live" Ethernet patch cable from a port of your router plugged into the RJ-45 port in the back of Deborah's G3.)

Configuring AppleTalk

Macintoshes use two networking protocols, AppleTalk and TCP/IP, typically both on the same network "port." This is how you configure AppleTalk to use the G3's Ethernet port.


Configuring TCP/IP


Well, that should do it. Restarting the Mac should not be necessary. Try Web browsing to test the configuration.


If Deborah should wish to return to use the modem (in the event of DSL failure, etc.), open the TCP/IP control panel, open the Configuration menu and select whatever the previously selected configuration was named. Modem TCP/IP operation will be restored.

Let me know if you need more help. I'm sorry I've been hard to catch - I've been night-owling (it's 6:04am right now) and working on configuring a lab all day and night, so I haven't really had human(e) hours. You can try to catch me at home anyway, or email me.



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