Custom Garmin Voices

Navigation device maker Garmin has created an infrastructure not only to sell custom voices for users to use on their navigation systems, but for users to create their own.

These four custom Garmin Voices were created using the free Garmin Voice Studio. They are provided here free for your enjoyment, but may not be re-used for commercial purposes without consent.

(These files are compressed .zip archives which each contain a .vpm Garmin Voice file. Use an un-Zipping utility to extract the .vpm files. If you're using a Macintosh, simply double-click the .zip files to un-Zip.)

Installing Voices

These voices can be easily installed on many Garmin navigation devices by placing the .vpm files in the "Garmin/Voice" directory on your navigation device. Here are Garmin's instructions to install voices.


Use these files at your own risk. In my experience, running the custom voices caused even more crashing/instability than the Garmin devices normally experience - and they crashed a lot when they were new out of the box. (No thanks to Garmin for never fixing any crashing issues, or offering any useful suggestions to reduce or emeliorate said problems.)

Celebrity voices impersonated . . . sort of.


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